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Episode 1: Queen of the Tearling

For our first episode, we talk about Erika Johansen’s Queen of the Tearling. This episode comes to you from a beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean.  Tune in for character gossip, speculation about future books, interrupting dogs, and a little bit of analysis. We highly recommend this thought-provoking, refreshing take on a dystopian fantasy.

We encourage you to buy the book at your local bookstore (shout out to Third Place Books in Seattle, and Bolen Books in Victoria!), but otherwise, here’s a link to the novel on good ‘ol Amazon. If you’d like to buy all three books at once, here’s a link for that.

Full disclosure, those are affiliate links, so we would make a little money if you bought a book.

Next time on Words Afterwards, we’ll be talking about the second book in the series, Invasion of the Tearling.

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